The space within, to be lived in.

From conception through to completion we work collaboratively with the client for a greater understanding of how they live their life, or what the projects purpose & outcome are to discuss ideas & gain a better understanding of what is required to develop their brief. The site, context & community all generate ideas & dictate the design. Engaging in such a process draws in properties such as time, memories, myths, aspirations, creation, materials, form and context which are all key ingredients in an authentic architectural response.

The design process develops from trace paper scribbles, to CAD floor plans through to Detailed Design 3D modelling. The modelling is a great tool to test materiality, spatial analysis & climate studies that incorporate passive cooling & solar heat gain.


Less is only more when more is no good

The design outcome produced is then documented through stages for Development Application (DA) Approval, Builders Tender Documentation & finally Construction Contract Documentation. We have a close working relationship with all secondary consultants such as engineers & town planners required to realise your project and coordinate the relevant approvals process by authorities. We value the close working relationship between the client, architect and builder and have point of contact with previous recommended builders to tender for you and ensure a smooth process.

Our fine level of detail and resolution of our buildings and documentation has a reputation amongst builders, making their job easier to achieve the desired outcome. The service can then continue through the construction process if required in the form of Contract Administration.


All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that stimulates the persons in that space.

Interior Design can be an additional scope to accompany an Architectural project or a stand-alone project such as an Office, Retail or Hospitality Fit-Out, Refurbishment of an Existing Dwelling or a Furniture Package & re-styling to a space. Interior Design can form a coherent intent through the project with Architectural ideas & details carried through internal joinery design, styling, materials, finishes & design elements. Furniture packages & soft furnishing can be a final complement to this process.

A complete design service can be undertaken for new Office, Retail & Hospitality Fit-Outs with complete scope from initial concept design, through to documentation, material specifications & project management. We have a network of builders that specialise in this area to assist with the construction process.


Intensify Nature; Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Environmental sustainability of our architecture is part of the process rather than an option. We incorporate sustainable principles and appropriate material selection in all our designs relevant to the brief to ensure we leave the most minimal footprint possible. We are realistic that this is often project & client specific, however even small steps can make big change.

Opportunities for passive ventilation and cooling, natural light and views are maximised through design, siting and orientation of which these passive design principles are the basis of all our designs. We incorporate recycled or sustainable materials where possible & limit toxic VOC’s & Formaldehydes to create a healthy living environment. Current mechanical, solar and water reuse systems can take it to the nth degree, but we can’t ignore the basics. Savings not only for our planet, but for the life cycle operating costs of the building also.


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