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Habitat Studio Architects is a progressive design based architectural practice committed to providing our clients with quality design and professional service.





Rejoice in the Place.

We believe that each of our designs are a reflection of the unique character of the site, to create a ‘sense of place’ that responds to climate and the local context.

Invite the Breeze

Opportunities for passive ventilation, heating and cooling, natural light and views are maximised through design, siting and orientation.

Think of Ecology

Environmental sustainability of our architecture is part of the process rather than an option. We incorporate sustainable principles and appropriate material selection in all our designs relevant to the brief to ensure we leave the most minimal footprint possible.

Tune to the Site

Our projects open to and connect with the site at all times. The built element is just one response to the greater environment & context in which it is sited.

Challenge Convention

We love to challenge & test ideas on conventional project typologies and occupant use. Rethink the answers. Challenge the structure.

Speak with the Neighbours

We value the collaborative nature of the studio between team members as well as allowing the close working relationship between the client, architect, consultants and builder to realise your project.




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